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So many great things about that intro, and not just that she assumed we’ll all remember Talan.The aggressively bitchy tone was familiar to anyone who had been to high school for even one day, but more importantly it was familiar to anyone who had seen Kristin play the bitchy girlfriend to Lauren’s unrequited love Stephen in season 1.Lauren was the narrator of the first season; it was her story.The genius of season 2 isn’t just that this time it’s Kristin’s story, it’s that Kristin you’ve already watched a whole season of Lauren’s story, and you’re probably on Lauren’s side, and she doesn’t give one single fuck about it.They seem to come into your life when you least expect it.

They are in their happy place — South Coast Plaza — picking out prom dresses. Judging by the spelling errors, this is probably Steph-ennn's doing. Trey arrives to help Dieter set up, but since he's not wearing a trucker hat, I don't care. He was Kristin's "stalker." And he jumped out at her, half naked, with "Prom? , captivated young audiences in its first season, it never offered a teen triangle as captivating as the Lauren-Stephen-Kristin affair of season 1.That first season was a sensation and a delight and a formidable challenge to top, particularly considering the first season so carefully built to the high-school graduation of most of its principal characters.Lauren (or “LC” as her “friends” call her) is a college dropout loser who couldn’t land Stephen if she had a net; Alex M is a drama-queen; and Taylor is probably faking her sweet-girl exterior because nobody’s that nice — these are the truths as Kristin sees them, and if you’re going to stick around for season 2 (and be honest: you are), you’d better get used to them right now.Season 2 isn’t just a story from the villain’s perspective told to an audience looking to redeem her; it’s the villain welcoming the audience into her clique so she can make them villains, too.

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