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I excluded apps that force you to copy and paste passwords into your browser, because life is too short.A browser extension lets you click a button or use a keystroke to fill in your credentials.If you have more than a handful of online accounts—and almost everyone does—you need a good password manager.It enables you to easily ensure that each password is both unique and strong, and it saves you the bother of looking up, remembering, typing, or even copying and pasting your passwords when you need them.If you use only one or two platforms or browsers, support for the others may be irrelevant to you, but broad compatibility is still a good sign.This means, ideally, support for the four biggest platforms—Windows, mac OS, i OS, and Android—as well as desktop browser integration with at least Chrome and Firefox, plus Safari on mac OS.But reusing passwords is dangerous: If just one site suffers a security breach, an attacker could access your entire digital life: email, cloud storage, bank accounts, social media, dating sites, and more.And if your reused password is weak, the problem is that much worse, because someone could guess your password even if there isn’t a security breach.

That is, to the extent possible, I was looking for “it just works.” And the barrier to entry should be low enough—in terms of both cost and simplicity—for nearly anyone to get up to speed quickly.And, because most of us use more than one computing device, the capability to sync passwords securely across those devices is essential.There’s little point having a password manager on your computer if you can’t access those passwords on your phone or tablet, too., for this article I redid most of the research and testing from scratch, because apps in this category change constantly—and often dramatically.I looked for tools that do their job as efficiently as possible without being intrusive or annoying.

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