Online vs traditional dating

Dating websites can eliminate this extra hassle, so you can focus your efforts on strong matches instead.

Not only will you spend less time on bad dates, but you may shorten how long it takes to find someone special by a considerably margin too.

I think that it’s worthwhile to pursue both strategies at the same time.

It’s important to be social, network, pursue interests, etc.

Second, getting to know someone better before you go out, makes the date itself more fun as well.

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Re the plethora of options on an app like Tinder, it’s essential to cut through the noise by filtering like mad to exclude all guys who are not real prospects.

I could accept the possibility that people who met online are more likely to get divorced, even though a competing study from 2013 said the complete opposite.

From a purely objective point of view, it doesn’t make any sense that there’d be a difference either way.

I mean, if you’re going to date for 2 years before you get married, what difference does it make if you met at a party or on Ok Cupid?

On the other hand, I see a flaw in what the study seems to suggest, which is that there’s a problem with the fact that people who date online tend to break up quicker. If you never meet someone in real life, and you have a chance encounter that leads to love, you are more likely to stay in a bad or dead-end relationship because of your perception of scarcity.

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