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Dwayne Johnson, the man with the 5,000-calorie daily eating plan and the body of Adonis, the work ethic of a Roman Emperor's horse, and his own, slightly insane motivational alarm clock app, is pretty much inescapable right now.

Guy or girl, you probably have a bit of a crush on him. If you loved him in #The Fateofthe Furious or during his WWE days, you’ll be dying to know the next #Dwayne Johnson films where you can watch him in action.

But it was like the success I wanted so badly and worked so hard for for years was happening all around me to everyone else but me. Steven Spielberg." It took me back to being just like a kid. There was a time in the WWE when it wasn't a publicly traded company. 8 — and let's just say, if you weren't a fan of his already, you will be now. The 2017 Oscars promised to be the most exciting awards show of the year, and it definitely delivered.From Viola Davis' emotional acceptance speech to host Jimmy Kimmel surprising a tour group... Not sure what the plot will be this time — how much bad luck can one coastline have? rescue pilot who saves the day when a shift in the San Andreas fault incites a pretty intense earthquake.

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