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Out of his musings on the properties of geometric figures, plane and three-dimensional, came the Dome, its near-relation the Tensegrity Sphere (tension integrity), the Octet Truss, and the Tensegrity Mast designed by Kenneth Snelson, a student of Fuller's at Black Mountain College.

All of them are compounded out of such quirky and interesting figures as the pentagon or the octahedron.

The language he has evolved since he felt it safe to speak again is a distinctive and personal one, with its own peculiar vocabulary and often creaky syntax.

The cardinal virtue of , a book whose airy strength is a compliment to its subject, is its ability to illustrate Fuller's “energetic” geometry.

He then worked in a textile mill, served as a naval officer in World War I, held various managerial positions in business, and spent more time and money than he could afford writing massive, unreadable, and unpublished treatises on the universe, which he sometimes had printed at his own expense and sent off wholesale to important people.

For five years during the 20's, Fuller also tangled with the construction industry, attempting to manufacture and market a synthetic building material invented by his father-in-law.

After lying disappointingly close to the horizon for many years, the vital line began to rise gratifyingly and by now has doubtless run clear out of the picture.

“This means that Buckminster Fuller is becoming ever more explicitly a part of everyone's experience of living in the 20th century, and we need not feel superior to the satisfaction this gives him.” The recipient of numerous awards and medals, chiefly for architecture, a counselor to kings and cabinets, he was nominated in 1969 for the Nobel Prize.

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