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It was a night battle so the Greeks didn't knew, raining them down with flaming arrows and lighting huge balls of dry branches and rolling them down at the beach.

It was a battle that Achilles wasn't in, but his cousin Patroclus pretended to be him by wearing his armor, his sword, his helmet, and his moves.

When Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson ended their decade-long relationship in 2016, the couple released a brief statement explaining they had decided to separate and remain friends.

Now more than a year later, Kruger is sharing more details., the German-born actress, 41, revealed she and Jackson, 39, didn’t have a blow-up fight and suddenly part ways.

Even the sound, for those who are set on these things, is some of the best that has been produced so far for DVD!

It's hard to understand the logic of "purists", who have cried "foul!" because Troy's plot often differs notably from Homer's original work.They complain that the movie is neither faithful to the Iliad nor to history.As the Greeks fall, they decided to head back home.King Priam decides to have one last battle with the Greeks to leave Troy for good.

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