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A profusion of languages and subcultures developed within the Maya core culture.

Between about 2500 BC and 250 AD, the basic institutions of Maya civilisation emerged.

However, the end of slavery did little to change the former slaves' working conditions if they stayed at their trade.Spanish conquistadors explored the land and declared it a Spanish colony but chose not to settle and develop because of its lack of resources and the hostile Indian tribes of the Yucatán.English and Scottish settlers and pirates known as the Baymen entered the area from the 17th century, with Baymen first settling on the coast of what is now Belize in 1638, seeking a sheltered region from which they could attack Spanish ships (see English settlement in Belize).The peak of this civilization occurred during the classic period, which began about 250 AD.The Maya civilization spread across what is now Belize around 1500 BC, and flourished there until about 900 AD.

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