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Looking to see the name of it, Jim Rado said to Jerry Ragni, "What an odd title for a painting...Hair." Several months later they found that title most apropos for the show they were writing about hippiedom and the troubles of America.

Jerry and I had written HAIR for the uptown big theatre audiences.

From the start, I envisioned that the score of HAIR would be something new for Broadway, a kind of pop rock/showtune hybrid.

At first we had considerable difficulty finding a composer; we rejected several, until finally, in late 1966, we found the man to make the music for our songs. Meeting the composer, Galt Mac Dermot, was more than a fulfillment of our dream.

He really didn't envision the future for it that the authors did.

He had to get on with his successive productions, each one to run 6 weeks.

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